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Why Choose a Managed Service Plan for Your Business?

by Justin Ayers

Justin Ayers


Justin has worked in IT departments, owned multiple technology businesses and worked in other technology related positions.

He is currently the President of Grand Rapids Tech, a company he founded in 2010. You can reach him at justin@grandrapids.tech

Concerned with managing your technology expenses? A Managed Service Plan might be right for you.

It’s a Proactive Solution.

Outsourcing your IT needs as a proactive effort means enhanced performance, nearly zero downtime, and fewer glitches.

We monitor for issues and fix them before they become a bigger problem. Without monitoring, minor issues can snowball and become really bad, resulting in expensive repairs and increased downtime.

Predictable Monthly Costs.

All IT investments come with additional costs. All businesses require adequate networks, security, and storage.

On top of this, when hardware fails, software becomes corrupted or infected, unexpected expenses can suddenly come up.

By outsourcing to MSPs, businesses will be able to break down their costs into fixed monthly payments, as opposed to the huge capital expenditures that come with managing systems in-house or waiting until they break.

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