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Grand Rapids Tech is West Michigan’s leading solution for website design & development. If you’re looking to create your web business, or enhance your online marketing – you’ll want to consult professionals that speak the language of web.

97% of consumers make buying decisions based on what they find on the internet.

01 Design

A successful website design should compliment your entire brand, but its most important job is to retain your visitors and keep them coming back. User interface and user experience design, most often referred to as UX/UI, work together to make sure your site leaves visitors with a positive impression of your brand to keep them coming back.

You have probably experienced poorly executed web design first-hand. Some common examples of bad design include:

  • Buttons / links that are difficult to click on
  • Pages that are too big for your mobile device
  • Incredibly slow page load times
  • Hard to navigate sites

All of these issues can be avoided with expertly planned and executed web design. If you have an existing site that suffers from any of these issues, we can definitely help with that.

If cost is one of the reasons you’re dealing with a poorly designed website, know that Grand Rapids Tech offers competitive pricing with payment plans available.

Don’t let your site fall victim to low user retention / high bounce back – call us today and let us design something great for you!

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02 Development

About 85% of all customer interactions will be handled by some form of automation in 2021, and that number is expected to grow.
One of the most common forms of automated customer interactions are chatbots. More than likely you’ve used a chatbot within the past few years, as ~67% of customers have used a chatbot in the past year alone.

A website can be much more than a page with business hours and some company photos, it can be a tool to help your business succeed. Professionally developed websites & web apps never punch out or stop working, they’re always available to help your customers and business needs.

Some great examples of putting a website to work for you include:

  • Using a chatbot to handle customer returns on your e-commerce site
  • Integrating Google Calendar into your site to showcase upcoming events
  • Developing custom features to enhance your CRM
  • Keeping a centralized hub for employees to access internal documents

Websites developed by Grand Rapids Tech are built to your specifications using the latest technologies. Whether you need a small landing page to generate leads or a large e-commerce site with millions of sales per year, we’ll use the correct tools for any site.

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03 SEO

Did you know ~68% of all clicks go to the first 5 search results?
Professionally managed search engine optimization can put your website in those first 5 results, and in 2021 and beyond it’s pretty much required to get it there. Of course there are exceptions, like specific niche sites with almost no competition, but even those are becoming harder and harder to find.

Search engine optimization is easy enough to get started by simply signing up for a free service that will allow you to run a limited amount of audits on your site, typically 1 per every 30 days.
As markets have become more saturated seo becomes more competitive, smaller businesses need to dedicate a staff person to the task of maintaining it.

Google has tons of resources freely available to help with SEO:

  • Google Search Central is the best place to learn everything there is to know about SEO.
  • Google Search Console will let you monitor your site and use real world data to generate a report to show you any issues that may be negatively impacting your site.
  • Google PageSpeed Insights tests your web performance under fixed conditions allowing you to see what impacts your changes have made.
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04 Email Marketing

With an average return on investment of 3,500%, email marketing is one of the most cost effective digital marketing tools available.
While email marketing has a great ROI on average, getting there is a little more involved than just sending out a few emails.
There are tons of email marketing tools available that are all packed full of free and paid features. Some of the most well-known tools and services are:

  • Mailchimp
  • HubSpot
  • Sendinblue
  • Constant Contact
  • Twilio SendGrid

Each of the services listed above have there own unique strength and weaknesses, but they’re all used to send out mass email promotions to your customers.
Most, if not all, of them come with a free-tier allowing you a limited number of contacts or features. A great starting point for many, but most businesses will quickly outgrow the free-tier.

Email marketing can and should be integrated into every facet of your business that makes sense:

  • Collect, segment, and tag new users from forms on your website and social media accounts
  • Send out company newsletters to all your employees
  • Update your vendors or suppliers on important changes
  • Monitor your engagement and make adjustments to your campaigns accordingly

Contact Grand Rapids Tech today find out how we can help you set up a new or manage your existing email marketing campaign.

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05 Social Media

Americans spend more time on Facebook than any other site, with the average user spending a shocking ~2.7 hours per day.

Today a business without a social media presence can make potential customers suspicious or unaware your business exists. Your website should work together with your social media presence to make sure you don’t miss out on any potential leads.

Potentially worse than not having a social media presence is having a poorly managed one. When someone directly connected to a brand is in charge of it’s social media accounts, emotions can cause irreversible mistakes.

Don’t let one bad post permanently ruin your brands reputation.

Contact Grand Rapids Tech today to find out how we can help manage your social media accounts.

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Websites &
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