Grand Rapids Tech offers affordable Managed IT Services Plans that reduce downtime and IT service-related costs!

Chances are, you have probably been paying on a per-visit basis for your onsite tech support. As a company grows,  IT service needs will usually scale with your employee count. Between the onsite visits and employee downtime, the costs can get out of hand quickly!

In this case, you may need to explore our Managed Services Plans (MSP). A professional technician will help you cover a wide number of Servers, Desktop PCs, Printers, and Mobile Devices at a fixed monthly rate. An efficient Managed Service Plan will include a wide spectrum of services that prevent common PC issues and unwanted data-loss.

Keep reading below to learn about the services included with our Managed IT Services Plans (MSPs)!

Active Monitoring and Maintenance

Monitoring your devices to help us determine whether hardware may be near its end of life, infected with malware, or in the case of corrupted file(s).

Automated cyber-security monitoring is also essential to any business. Advanced security tools can detect if someone is attempting a brute force password intrusion, and many other attack vectors. Any errors, viruses, or problems we happen to find – we will proactively fix them, often before you notice.

A quick recap of events we monitor for:

  • Log In attempts
  • Critical events on the computer and devices
  • Hard drive health
  • Free disk space
  • Processor usage
  • Viruses, and much more

Remote Support

Most problems can be fixed virtually without requiring a costly onsite-visit. We remote into your PCs, Servers, and Network Equipment we can fix any major issues – sometimes  before you even know there’s an issue!

Need a setting changed? Having PC issues? Need a virus removed? Your business can get that done by a remote technician and skip the wait! If you’re a current MSP client, you can click here get support now!

Remote Support Features:

  • Remote control – through our MSP software, and through VPN
  • Remote access – on PCs, Servers, Printers and much more
  • Network MSP plans, and much more

Onsite and Offsite Backup and Disaster Recovery

Bad things happen to good people and disasters can strike at any moment. Proper preperation can decrease the chance & prevent data loss. Most companies that lose all of their data go out of business. Don’t let this happen to you!

  • MSP 360 Backup as a Service (BaaS) – Remote managed backups, alerts for canceled, and unsuccessful backups
  • Local included for free
  • Managed automated backups to Amazon’s secure cloud offsite servers
  • AWS EC2 powered offsite server turn up’s if we need to get you up and running ASAP

On Site Support

In rare cases, if we can’t fix it remotely, you will need someone on site. Generally, we can usually have a tech on site, anywhere, the same day. Most companies can’t say that. Our technicians are professional and highly qualified.

Standard business hours are typically Monday-Friday between 8am-5pm, but we can provide emergency support at after-hours rates for clients that need it.

Onsite Support Features:

  • IT Network Installation
  • Server and Computer Hardware repairs
  • Cabling Installation, Cable Runs, and Patch Cables
  • Printer Installation
  • Much more

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Highly Sophisticated Antivirus Software

  • Prevents viruses and other types of malware from infecting local files on a PC or a file server
  • Alerted of virus or malware infected files – so they can be dealt with immediately and removed ASAP
  • Sandbox malicious applications before they infect system files in a virtual environment
  • Contact us to find out more

Device Management

Grand Rapids Tech has the ability to monitor and manage devices of all types (Android phones, iOS devices, Windows PCs, OSX machines and much more).

  • Send a siren to devices – in case of a loss or stolen device
  • Reset mobile device passwords with ease
  • Wipe mobile devices, and reset
  • Lock mobile devices in the case of loss or stolen property
  • View the last known location of mobile devices through GPS
  • Push to uninstall applications on mobile devices and much more
  • Create separate profiles for work and for personal use on mobile devices
  • and much more

Client Testimonials

Our clients will say it, but you should find out for yourself…

We used Grand Rapids Tech for a wiring project to update all the network cable when relocating a large branch office. We negotiated a reasonable rate for the work and we were impressed with the attention to detail with cable management and friendliness to our staff.

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