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Network & Security Install for Cannabis Facility

Network & Security Install for Cannabis Facility

We got the call that one of our customers, a cannabis dispensary in Michigan, was building out a new facility to grow and manufacture cannabis. They needed a partner to handle their security and technology needs in regard to MRA/ CRA (Cannabis Regulatory Agency). We have a lot of experience in this area, so we got the estimates put together right away. Once approved we handled the installation and configuration of everything to make sure the investment was secure and to make sure they passed their CRA inspections as soon as possible.

The network & security install consisted of:

  • Security cameras covering every square inch of the interior and exterior of the building (CRA requirements state that anywhere cannabis is, it needs to be fully covered by security cameras.)
  • Network Video Recorder (NVR) configured to maintain at least 45 days of video footage
  • Full network with managed firewall, switches and wireless access points configured for maximum security
  • Custom Windows computers built for camera footage redundancy and CRA compliance
  • Printers for CRA compliance to print out images from the camera footage if necessary as well as to be used for inventory management
  • Next generation Access Control on every door that can use RFID cards, fobs, pin numbers, mobile apps, or desktop apps for access
  • Electric strikes for access control
  • UPS battery backups for network and security redundancy
  • Point to point wireless install to connect network to other building
  • Burglar Alarm System via our partner to meet CRA requirements

If you have a cannabis retail (dispensary or provisioning center), cannabis grow or manufacturing, or cannabis processing business and need help with technology and security regarding CRA / MRA requirements, or simply need help with installing a system to secure your investment and pass CRA inspections, give us a call at 616.229.9840.

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