WordPress Themes: Abandoned

by Justin N.

Abandoned premium WordPress themes could break your companies website.

“All I have to do is go into the WordPress CMS, and change the href of one menu link. In and out. Easy.”, I foolishly thought. This would have been incredibly easy, if the site wasn’t haunted by one of the thousands of abandoned WordPress themes.

Abandoned Monestary where abandoned WordPress themes live
This is what I imagine a premium theme looks like after is developer drops support.

Troubleshooting WordPress Themes

As I dug through the WordPress theme settings and tools trying to fix a minor bug, I couldn’t find a solution anywhere. So naturally, as someone who’s never used php before, I searched for the theme by name hoping to find some sort of documentation.

This theme has a very unique name so a quick Google search should turn up some good results, right? Wrong. The first page was entirely filled with various Pinterest links containing images of the theme.

Don’t worry, I eventually found my way to the themes source, and every single link on the page returned the following results…

Web browser with 502 Bad Gateway.
This is one of my favorite websites. No pop-ups or ads.

Going Forward

So now it looks like my options are pretty limited.

  • Install more plugins
  • Complete site redesign
  • Totally secret idea
  • Learn php and become a master WordPress theme developer

I’ll probably eventually take some time to learn php, but not anytime in the near future. I’ll ask some developer friends with a lot more experience for some guidance.

Any future updates will be made in a new blog post that I’ll try to link here. If you want to find out what my totally secret idea is, or want faster updates, give us at call at Grand Rapids Tech!

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