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by Justin N.

Justin N.

Lead Web Developer

I work at Grand Rapids Tech as a web developer.

Abandoned premium WordPress themes could break your companies website.

“All I have to do is go into the WordPress CMS, and change the href of one menu link. In and out. Easy.”, I foolishly thought. Then it happened, I made one too many clicks and fell down a rabbit hole that led me to my newest cause of despair with WordPress…

Abandoned premium themes.

This is what I imagine a premium theme looks like after is developer drops support.

As I was digging through the themes settings trying to fix a minor bug, I couldn’t find a solution anywhere in the CMS. So naturally, I looked up the theme hoping to find some sort of documentation.

This theme has a very unique name so a quick Google search should turn up some good results, right? Wrong. The first page was entirely filled with various Pinterest links containing images of the theme.

Don’t worry, I quickly found my way to the themes source, and every single link on the page returned the following results…

This is one of my favorite websites. No pop-ups or ads.

So now it looks like my options are…

  • Install more plugins
  • Complete site redesign
  • (Secret idea – call us to find out)

Check back regularly for more updates!

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