Dental Office Cybersecurity is Important

by Travis McCloud

The importance of dental office cybersecurity

Cyber criminals are on the rise. 

As Dental offices expand into the digital age, so are cyber criminals. Dental and healthcare practices are top targets for cyber criminals. This is because of the increased use of technology to store and access patient information. Social Security, insurance, and medical information is only a fraction of what can be accessed by cyber criminals. 

The effects of a cyber attack on your dental practice. 

When a cyber-attack happens, it can occur in different ways. 


Phishing usually begins months or even years before an attack is made. It will usually appear as an email or message disguised as a legitimate link. Once clicked on, the user will be asked to type in various information such as passwords. This is all in an attempt to gain access to the user’s computer through malicious software known as malware.  

In March 2021, North American Dental Management was targeted in a phishing attack causing a breach in security for the Professional Dental Alliance (PDA).  The breach was then reported to the DHS and affected 125,760 patients.  


Once a cybercriminal gains access to your computer using techniques such as phishing, they can use malicious software known as malware. Malware gives cybercriminals remote access to your network. Once they are into your network, they have access to critical information such as patient data, security systems, internet, etc. 


Ransomware is a type of malware used to encrypt files on your network. Once they encrypt your files, they will demand a ransom to gain back your data. This will happen by having you follow specific instructions by cybercriminal.  

The Digital Dental Record is just one of many attacks that took place in 2019. The Digital Dental Record supplies software to dental practices and was attacked with ransomware. This affected 400 dental practices nationwide.  The attack focused on their cloud remote management system.

Dental Office Cybersecurity

Dental offices can avoid the threat of cyber attacks with different preventative methods. Keeping software and applications up to date is a very effective way of keeping criminals out. Your staff also have a huge role in fighting cyberattacks. Which is why keeping them informed and trained will significantly reduce the chances of being attacked.  

Personalized support from Grand Rapids Tech 

In an effort to help grow your company, Grand Rapids Tech can take away the fears you may have regarding cyberattacks. We offer Managed Service Plans which can be tailored to your Dental Practice. Offering services such as: 

  • Virtual Chief Information Technology Officer (vCIO)
  • Unlimited Remote Management 
  • Enterprise grade end point detection and response antimalware software 
  • Firewall installation, configuration and monitoring 
  • Network, computer and server monitoring and maintenance 
  • Multifactor Authentication for remote access and VPN 
  • Phishing simulation training 
  • HIPAA specific cybersecurity training 
  • HIPAA specific documentation 
  • Dark web monitoring 
  • Much more 

It is never too late to start cybersecurity best practices. Let us be your partner because your success is our success. 

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