Security Cameras for Your Grand Rapids Business

by Justin Ayers

Surveillance and business security is essential.

5 things to look for before your surveillance installation.

A surveillance camera installation should be planned, designed, and installed by a professional. Security cameras act as a deterent to employee theft, solve resolution of disputes, prevent burglary theft, and and provide an overall increase in business safety. Below you find the top five things to consider before installing a security camera system in Grand Rapids, MI.

Are the Security Cameras Secure?

Before installing a security camera system at your business, be sure they include encryption. It is also important that with any surveillance purchase to verify the ability to set a unique password to keep data information private. Lastly, choose a camera that operates key features locally versus on a cloud platform – this prevents sensitive data from being visible.

Surveillance Costs

When it comes to business security, it is worth it to spend more upfront than risk the loss of anything you may have. It is obvious that everyone wants to save money. Instead, focus on camera features and capabilities that will benefit your business. Features include but are not limited to high quality video, night vision, and mobile access control.

Security Cameras in Grand Rapids

HD Security Cameras

High-definition security cameras are essential to any Grand Rapids, MI business. HD surveillance will provide a crystal clear, high resolution picture that will suffice all of your security needs. Avoid cheap cameras as generally they will not perform properly and the picture will come out pixelated – the clearer the picture the easier it is to identify what is going on in the recorded video.

Night Vision Capable

Although statistics say most crimes happen during the day, serious crimes tend to occur at night. These crimes include assault, car theft, and small/large business burglary. Night vision ensures video is clear when direct sun or no lighting is available.

Surveillance Maintenance & Technical Support

If your security camera setup is faulty or causing you trouble, maintenance will be needed. Hiring an expert the first time can prevent mishaps later down the road. You should consider surveillance as a long term investment that will not only protect you, but your business, and inventory as well. For more information on protecting your Grand Rapids, MI business – request a security assessment.

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