Advantages and Disadvantages of Keyless Entry Systems

by David Lemkuil

There are pros and cons to consider when looking to upgrade your business to a keyless entry system

There are many different options when it comes to keyless entry nowadays. Key cards or fobs, biometric recognition, numerical keypads, and even smartphone-controlled locks are only some of the different keyless access systems. There are pros and cons to consider when looking to upgrade your business or home to a keyless entry system.

You Can Track Who Comes and Goes

Every person with access to the establishment will have a unique code that is tracked within the system. This will show each entry through the door and who it is. If you need to verify where someone was at a certain point, this will determine a specific time and place. You can also enable or disable access to individuals at any point in time.

No More Getting Locked Out

Depending on the system installed, there is no more fear of being locked out. If you forgot your car keys inside, you don’t have to wait for someone to come let you in before you can drive off to that meeting – all you’ll have to do is enter the code and walk right in. Newer systems are using fingerprint recognition instead of a code, which makes it even easier for every member of your home to come and go as they please.


No more digging through your bag or fumbling for keys. There isn’t any need to struggle or waste energy and time rifling in a bag to find your keys. The convenience of a keyless lock makes it easier for you to get inside your house safely and quickly every time.

No More Hiding a Spare Key Outside

Finding a secure place to hide an extra key has always been tricky. While it’s convenient to have an extra key located near the front door, it’s a major security risk. Burglars know where people tend to hide spare keys, and they use them to gain entry. When you opt for keyless entry you eliminate the need for extra keys. This provides extra security and peace of mind, especially for families with young children.

You Still Need to Track a Keycard or Remote Instead of a Key

The convenience of swiping a badge at the door or pressing a button on a remote to unlock your door can be great. Just like misplacing your keys, remotes or keycards can be misplaced as well. The cost related to replacing accessories to a keyless entry system is not typically cheap.

You Will Pay More for a Keyless Lock

Adding a traditional deadbolt to a door or lock will typically cost less than fifty dollars. If you were to install a keyless entry system it will set you back a few hundred dollars depending on the system. It is also possible that monthly fees could come with a system. Doing some research before purchasing a system could save money in the long run.

You Will Need to Stay Diligent

In the case of a keyless entry that uses a code for access, you will want to update your codes frequently. Using the same code for too long can create opportunities to leave yourself in a vulnerable position. The keys on the keypad will wear with use and give clues to which numbers are in your code. Another risk with keycodes is that you will likely give it to friends, family, or service providers at some point. Changing your codes regularly can help prevent this from becoming an issue, but it can also be easily forgotten.

There are many options for security and entry systems and they are not one size fits all. Keep your wants and needs in mind while researching different options and be sure to weigh the advantages and disadvantages before making a decision. You can’t put a price on security and peace of mind.

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