Which business phone service is right for your business in Grand Rapids?

by Justin Ayers

Does your business have the right phone service? Let us find the right service for you.

92% of all business communications are done over the phone internationally. Grand Rapids businesses are no different. Does your business have the right phone service?

What features do you need for your business’ phone service?

  • Messaging: Many modern phone services offer messaging. Some of them include SMS, MMS, team messaging, file sharing and more. Can your old PBX siting in your Grand Rapids office branch do that?
  • Video: More often than not, our modern phone systems include a form of video conferencing. Maybe you have clients in California that you want to video chat with from your office in Grand Rapids? Maybe another branch office?
  • Mobile Apps: All of the modern phone systems and phone services we sell at Grand Rapids Tech come with mobile applications that are tied to your desk phone, desktop app, and more.
  • Analytics: Do you need to analyze your businesses phone service? How many outbound calls? Average call duration? Average time a caller spends on call cues?
  • How can we help your business become more efficient? At Grand Rapids Tech we know how to navigate the hundreds of business phone services that we offer. Different business phone services have different features. We will help you find the right one for you business.

Read more at: https://grandrapids.tech/services/internet-phone-service/

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