Network Upgrades Your Business Needs in 2018

by Justin Ayers

Grand Rapids Tech shares tips to get the most bang for your buck in network upgrades for 2018.

If you’re part of a small-to-medium sized business, you probably understand that network upgrades are critical, but where do you start?

Grand Rapids Tech specializes in identifying network bottlenecks, interrupted service, low-coverage WiFi areas, and creating growth plans for any business work space. We follow up with a network network install that promises minimal down-time.

This week we have been working on a complete structured cabling and network infrastructure upgrade at a client location.

Structured Cabling and Equipment

We found that this client had a combination of CAT3 and CAT5 cables ran through the building that were causing slow network speeds. It is absolutely worth the effort to rewire the entire office in this case. We choose to future-proof the cabling infrastructure by using CAT6 cables, which are capable of 10-Gigabit speeds!

Cleaning up your network infrastructure

Aside from the obvious speed increase, the new cable runs are outstandingly clean and organized. A messy server rack is a problem often over-looked by many local businesses. Make no mistake, when you see a mess of tangled cables, you can be sure that network service calls from your Managed Services Provider are taking much longer than they should!

Of course, the client couldn’t take advantage of these speed increases with their 100-Base switch! They would need equipment robust enough to both facilitate office productivity, while staying technologically relevant for a few years. We installed a brand-new Gigabit Switch. 

What does this mean? A local network that is 10x faster.

Keeping Your WiFi Equipment Up-to-Date

To fix WiFi coverage issues in the office area, we installed AC Wireless access points. Having a separate AP device allows for more coverage, and the AC specification promises speed and reliability that matches the rest of their network. Now, both outbound employees and guests can now join a powerful WiFi network that can handle many connected devices.

The end result was a ton of clean and organized cable runs and a network that has been future-proofed for 2018 and beyond.

If it’s time to upgrade that old network that’s holding you back, call the professionals at Grand Rapids Tech!

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