Building an IT Network in Grand Rapids, MI

by Justin Ayers

Keep connected with an IT network.

4 things to consider before building your businesses IT network.

Network infrastructure is a part of information technology, and will need to meet the needs specific to your small or large business. A proper network setup should be able to handle high volume, while maintaining secure connections. Therefore budgeting, planning, and designing a network build out before installation can prevent any further mishaps.

While most networks serve similar purposes, no network infrastructure is exactly the same. Knowing exactly what you want from your network will help you plan accordingly. We put together the 4 most important things to consider before installing a network system.

Develop Information Technology & Network Goals

Before building a proper network for any business, it is important to understand the functions and purpose of a network. Obtaining the right devices, and resources are essential when creating a network system. There are many things to think about and plan when building out an IT network.

Will employees bring their own devices to your business location and have remote accessibility? What important data is being stored within the different segments of the network? Before jumping the gun, and purchasing a bunch of equipment – think about your network scalability 5 years from now, not just for tomorrow.

Information Technology Device

Know Your Information Technology Budget

With most purchases it is smart to have a budget in place. IT costs can escalate quickly if not thought out prior to purchase & install. There are many factors and devices when doing an IT network build, and you want to make sure the necessary equipment is covered first. We recommend the following as a bare minimum:

  • Switches – monitors and controls inbound & outbound traffic
  • Servers – delivers data to devices on a local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN) via the internet
  • Computers (PCs) – a device used to process data, run software, access internet, and much more
  • Firewalls – blocks unwanted traffic from communicating with outside sources

Staff Training, Network Security, Ability To Scale

A trained staff can go a long way when establishing new company policies. Even more when installing a new network infrastructure and developing security policies. Outlining a standard set of security rules and guidelines will ensure the safety of any network device installed at your Grand Rapids, MI business.

Determining strengths and possible weaknesses in the beginning of a network setup is essential to prevent any future problems that could occur. Testing network security sooner than later will better prevent the potential threat of outside hackers, viruses, and malware.

If your business expects future growth, increase of employee head count, or expansion you’ll want to think about scalability. Information technology infrastructure will generally need maintenance, future upgrades, and routine updates. Thinking about projected growth upfront will minimize the chance of spending more on IT related costs later down the road.

Maintaining an IT Network

Maintenance of equipment after installation will be the last thing to consider when building out an IT network. A business that does not have an IT staff present will want to outsource to someone that specializes in information technology and network support. If your business uses 5 or more workstations (PCs) we recommend a Managed Services Plan (MSP). Managed IT Services Plans include a fixed monthly rate that in the long-term will be more cost effective.

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